Topics of Interest:

  • Design methods and tools for embedded systems design;
  • Novel and dedicated architectures for embedded systems (IoT, deep learning, etc);
  • Challenges on moving architectures to the edge of clouds;
  • Application specific processors: architectures, design tools and HW/SW Co-design
  • Processing/Communication trade-offs at architectural level;
  • Domain Specific languages
  • MDE methods and languages targeting embedded systems design at different abstraction levels;
  • Case studies of innovative Embedded Systems
  • Reconfigurable architectures and applications
  • Low power processing and communication architectures
  • Embedded Systems Applications: Automotive, Avionic, Medical, Internet-of-Things (IoT),
  • Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Smart Grids, Computer Vision, Intelligent Systems;
  • Real-time challenges for embedded systems and systems-of-systems
  • Human Machine Interface techniques and methods tailored for Embedded Systems
  • Security issues for embedded and real-time systems