Preliminary Technical Program

Paper titleAuthorsSession
A Real-Time Operating System for Cyber-Physical Systems Based on Physical Time and Logical TimeKeiko Amadera, Ayumu Ichimura, Takanori Yokoyama and Myungryun Yoo1. Session: Embedded Real-Time Systems 1
A Proposal to Trace and Maintain Requirements Constraints of Real-time Embedded SystemsFabiola Ribeiro, Achim Rettberg, Carlos Pereira, Charles Steinmetz and Michel Soares1. Session: Embedded Real-Time Systems 1
Improving Estimations for Latencies of Cause-Effect ChainsMax Friese, Thorsten Ehlers and Dirk Nowotka2. Session: Estimations
Workload characterization for memory management in emerging embedded platformsBiswadip Maity, Bryan Donyanavard, Nalini Venkatasubramanian and Nikil Dutt2. Session: Estimations
Tool and Method for Obtaining End-to-End Reliability Parameters of Wireless Industrial NetworksChristian Alan Krötz, Max Feldman, Gustavo Pedroso Cainelli, Gustavo Künzel, Carlos Eduardo Pereira and Ivan Müller2. Session: Estimations
A Comparative Analysis between SysML and AADL when Modeling a Real-Time SystemQuelita Ribeiro, Achim Rettberg, Fabiola Ribeiro and Michel Soares3. Session: Embedded Real-Time Systems 2
Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Real Time Localization System for the Optimization of Agitation ProcessesAndreas Heller, Ludwig Horsthemke and Peter Glösekötter3. Session: Embedded Real-Time Systems 2
An Environment for Testing and Diagnosis of Embedded Systens in UAVs using Hardware-in-the-Loop SimulationRenato Abreu, Thyago Oliveira, Leydson Silva, Tiago Nascimento and Alisson Brito4. Session: Architecture & Application
Towards ASIP Architecture-Driven Algorithm DevelopmentManil Dev Gomony, Mihaela Jivanescu and Nikolas Olaziregi4. Session: Architecture & Application
Using Data Mining and Mobile Devices to Assist the Interactive Automotive DiagnosticsLeonardo Presoto Oliveira, Marco Wehrmeister and Andre Schneider Oliveira4. Session: Architecture & Application
Enabling IP Reuse and Protection in Out-of-Order Parallel SystemC SimulationZhongqi Cheng, Tim Schmidt and Rainer Doemer5. Session: Algorithm and System C
An Untimed SystemC Model of GoogLeNetEmad Malekzadeh Arasteh and Rainer Dömer5. Session: Algorithm and System C
An Efficient Lightweight Framework for Porting Vision Algorithms on Embedded SoCsApurv Ashish, Sohan Lal and Ben Juurlink5. Session: Algorithm and System C
Solving Datapath Issues on Near-Data AcceleratorsPaulo Cesar Santos, João Paulo Cardoso de Lima, Rafael Fão de Moura, Marco Antonio Zanata Alves, Antonio Carlos Schneider Beck Filho and Luigi Carro6. Session: Embedded Hardware Design
Shadow exception stacks: Control-Flow Integrity for Asynchronous Exceptions Using TrustZone for Armv8-MTomoaki Kawada, Shinya Honda, Yutaka Matsubara and Hiroaki Takada6. Session: Embedded Hardware Design
iDocChip - A Configurable Hardware Architecture for Historical Document Image Processing: Multiresolution Morphology-based Text and Image SegmentationMenbere Kina Tekleyohannes, Vladimir Rybalkin, Syed Saqib Bukhari, Muhammad Mohsin Ghaffar, Javier Alejandro Varela, Norbert Wehn and Andreas Dengel6. Session: Embedded Hardware Design
Analysis of Low Cost Sensors Applied to the Detection of Obstacles in High Voltage TowersGuido Szekir Berger, Marco AurÉlio Wehrmeister, Matheus Fellype Ferraz and Alvaro RogÉrio Cantieri7. Session: Analysis
Monitoring of an Artificial DNA in Dynamic EnvironmentsMathias Pacher and Uwe Brinkschulte7. Session: Analysis
IoT Assistant for People with Visual Impairment in Edge ComputingManoel José de Souza Júnior, Raimundo da Silva Barreto and Horácio Antonio Braga Fernandes de Oliveira7. Session: Analysis
Design and Analysis of an Online Update Approach for Embedded MicroprocessorsPatrick Uven, Philipp Ittershagen and Kim Gruettner7. Session: Analysis